Meltdown Fighting Championships is run by Simon O’Brien and Paul Sutherland and the event team at Showtechs. Our aim is to give all up and coming fighters the best platform possible to find the future UKMMA stars.
Simon and Paul will be taking a major step up in promoting the growth of UKMMA. Events will take place in Bristol in our new 24ft pro MMA Cage accompanied by a professional event set up from Showtechs Events Ltd.
Meltdown Fighting Championships will be running a tiered development system of professional and amateur MMA rules according to experience and age to make competing a safer environment for fighters. The tiered system will consist of the following rule sets:-
PRO MMA 3 x 5 min rounds unified professional rules
UNIFIED AMATEUR MMA 3 x 3 min rounds. Must have a Minimum if 12 months MMA training. No more than 10 unified amateur fights. Unified amateur MMA rule set.
NOVICE MMA under 12 months MMA experience. Must come from a reputable MMA gym (no independent fighters) 3 x 2 min rounds Punches standing to the head only. No kicks, knees to the head. G&P to the body only (with punches). 7oz gloves & shin-guards to be worn. No leg locks or spine locks.
Cadet MMA 13-15yrs old 3 x 1 1/2 min rounds No head shots. No knees. No striking on the ground. Fighters to be matched according to age and weight & Bjj belt. Only IBJJF ruling submissions allowed. Rash guard, shin guard & sparring gloves compulsory.
JUNIOR MMA 8-12yrs old 2 x 1 1/2 min rounds. If the fight is even after two rounds it an automatic draw. No headshots. No knees. No strikes on the ground. Only IBJJF ruling on submissions. Fighters to be matched according to weight, age & Bjj belt. Rash guard, shin guards & sparring gloves compulsory.
To be considered for matching and enter our events please forward the following information for each fighter.

Main Card from Meltdown Fighting Championships in Yate Sports Centre, Bristol. 9th March 2019.

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